Welcome to BCA Division 7


Established 1890
Member of the American Kennel Club, Inc.

This site is about the Bulldog Club of America Division VII clubs and members from the great states of Maryland, The District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina,

Objectives of the Division 


  • To improve the breed through encouragement of effort directed towards approach to, or attainment of, the degree of excellence set forth in the standard of the bulldog breed.
  • To stimulate interest in competitive public showing of bulldogs.
  • To further the interest of the breed.
  • To work for the general good of breeders, owners and exhibitors of bulldogs.
  • To follow the policy set forth in Article II of the BCA Constitution.
  • To inform and advise The BCA Council in bulldog matters of general interest
  • To cooperate with adjacent Divisions.

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